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I am delighted to serve as a travel midwife and have helped families in numerous countries be able to experience a home birth under the care of a trained and experienced midwife.

Read below for more information specific to this unique experience and if you'd like to speak with me about potentially attending your birth any where in the world, reach out!


I've been traveling since I was just a tiny little baby and it has always brought me joy. My experience with travel midwifery really all started four years ago when I first traveled within the United States to cover the midwifery practice of a dear friend. That was the first time I realized that I could provide my skills to birthing people anywhere in the world when needed. I put the word out that I was willing to travel for my services. Fast forward a couple years and I was put in touch with a potential client in Mexico who desired a home birth but was unable to find any midwives nearby to attend her birth. And so my journey into travel midwifery began!

Since then, I've helped numerous families and visited over seven different countries. It warms my wild and adventurous heart to be able to combine the two things I love so dearly: midwifery and travel.


Travel midwifery is a unique adventure and I customize care to each client and their specific circumstances. My base fee is $5000 USD but it is always my goal to make midwifery care attainable to anyone who desires it. I am willing to work with potential clients on a case by case basis if this fee is out of reach. We will try to determine a price that makes everyone feel comfortable and respected, while ensuring that all travel, lodging, and necessary expenses are covered. Please do not let price hold you back from reaching out to me!

Prenatal appointments are performed via telehealth methods such as Zoom and WhatsApp. Depending on what resources are available to you in your local community, I may send a prenatal kit that includes items such as a doppler, gel, and blood pressure cuff so that we can provide the highest level of prenatal care possible. Based on your history, we will decide on a time period of roughly 2-4 weeks near your due date when I will come to you. In the rare instance that you go into labor before I am able to arrive, we will decide what method of support you prefer and this is discussed well before your due date. Clients have chosen to go to their closest hospital for delivery, have me support them through their labor and delivery via video calls, or labor unattended and call only if needed. Regardless of the decision that you make, I will continue to make myself available to you for support and will still come for postpartum and newborn care and support. Much like everything in birth, flexibility is key!

If you're searching for a traveling midwife to support you, your baby, your family, and your birthing choices and decisions, reach out to me and let's talk! We can set up a video call to go to into more detail about the process and what it would look like for your specific situation, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!


"I have immense gratitude for Brittany! She traveled around the world so that I could have my baby at home after having an unnecessary cesarean with my previous birth. I am so grateful that I had her and all the guidance she kept giving me. My baby ended up being breech and needed recitation after birth. Brittany is the only reason that me and the baby made it. She is now a local celebrity in my birth community! "


I am an experienced midwife and provide home birth services to clients all around the world. I have served families in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and various U.S. states. If you are looking for a midwife, contact me today!

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